Broken Wings


  My heart bleeds

I am a wounded soldier
Beaten by the dragons of war
Tested and tried
And I failed
Torn between pleasing Master and pleasing man
I fail…
I fall face down
Do not forget me here in this pit
For I’ve fallen
My wings, broken
My sight blackened in the darkness
My hearing stuffed by their sneerings
My light snuffed out!
Lift me up or I will be forgotten
Left to waste in the depths of Hades
Raise me up or I’ll be consumed
By the hungry growling of ravenous beasts

Twenty-four hours ago my soul suffered a torment and this morning my spirit suffered a separation from His presence like I’ve never known it before. I found myself weeping like a child because for the first time in my life I could tell that His presence had lifted. I was choking. Remorseful, I remembered Esau and I prayed that my case wasn’t as detrimental. Sometimes we take for granted the warnings and prodding and nudging of the Holy Spirit. And sometimes in order to test what we cherish most, He withdraws. Hides. He wants to get your attention. Sometimes our insensitivities lead us into forbidden territory, and by the time we exit on the other side we realise that we are alone. Where has my Shepherd gone?

You’ve lost the trail. And now you must retrace your steps.

This morning, I cried like a baby, as my soul sought the one whom my soul loves. And He was no where to be found. I followed His scent in the garden but He was no where to be found. Continue reading


A New Stream


The leaps and turns that happen upon us because He seeks us. The one whom my soul loves — that is His name. Because He seeks to communion with us, He stirs the waters. He awakens the winds and then He troubles the darkness. All in a bid to get us in pursuit of Him as one would chase after the wind.

Who can tell the direction of the wind? Who can catch it and tie it in a bag? So is the way of the Spirit and anyone who is born of the Spirit. And like the wind, the Lord began His glorious, thunderous shakings, tossing into the air my ‘former normal’ and bringing me into voracious pursuits of Him.

The Hidden One.

He hides in the whistling winds, in the pouring river course that plunges over the cliffs, in the gathering clouds, the shadows of the dark, in the spectrum of light… in the quiet of the garden.

The One Who Hides seeks us out. He calls us unto a glorious pursuit of YHWH.

There is a New Stream, hallelujah! A fresh lively release from the river of life. And to access it, I will like to welcome you to join The River Course. Subscribe to this list!

Ezekiel 47:12
On both sides of the river’s banks, every kind of tree will grow for food. Their leaves will not wither nor will their fruit fail, but they will bear fruit every month, because their water source flows from the sanctuary. Their fruit will be for food and their leaves for healing.

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