Footprints beckoning…

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Psalm 39:4

“LORD, let me know how my life ends, and the standard by which you will measuremy days, whatever it is! Then I will know how transient my life is.” ISV

Another translation says: “…Let me realise how quickly my life will pass.”

These are the meditations of my heart as I work out of Ibadan… I am working on the life story of a certain man, of a certain revivalist… and my life is changing in ways words fail to describe. This man, whose footprints marked the 70s & 80s with lasting impressions that shook every town he stepped foot in. Those who encountered him now testify of his unusual yet transformational life like it was just yesterday.

As I soak in my research, the voluminous tributes and my extensive interviews, I find my heart writhing in pain as this man’s extraordinary story begins to reshape my orientation and my beliefs. What did I say my life was about again? Who did I say I wanted to become? What, what and what had characterized my pursuits in here on earth?? All these and more shall I now begin to reconsider.

“Oh Lord, search the deep recesses of my soul, let my feet be set on the way eternal. Let the meditations of my heart please You. Let me know what is means to be a pilgrim on earth. So that when this life you’ve given me passes, when it all becomes a dissolving mist, and I cross over yonder, let me not be found a stranger at eternity’s gate.

May I not be shut out like a foreigner from my Father’s house.”



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